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Escape from everyday life with an erotic short vacation or city trip and enjoy special erotic moments – in just such places. Celebrate your Erolifestyle and combine the time out with a short trip or a relaxing weekend – city trip with a kick – especially for couples. So spend a swingers vacation in abbreviated form – that still gives you all the benefits and amenities of sightseeing and lifestyle. An erotic short vacation is in our definition here an organized trip up to 4 days, the trips from 5 days you can find here in the category of erotic trips.

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Procedure of an erotic short vacation for couples & singles

Well, the design is very individual and therefore the process can not be generalized. Please have a look at the respective announcement. A general distinction is made here between 2 different types:

Group: There are short trips with a common accommodation (usually in hotels) where the group then travels together. In other erotic weekends – such as mostly city trips – the accommodation is in a normal hotel and the program is a mix of tourism and eroticism. Here, of course, there is more individual freedom and less peer pressure.

Individual: These are usually offers from theme or wellness hotels that you book independently on the date of your choice. can be. Special room furnishings or special “packages” provide the erotic touch here.

In principle, such erotic vacations are also suitable for singles. However, (also) here you can not avoid the usual single surcharges for hotels and clubs.

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