Cap d’Agde Village Naturiste for naturists & swingers

Myth & Reality Cap d’Agde – A travel guide with lots of info about the naturist village Village Naturiste. Worldwide unique for nudists and for hottest Cap d’Agde nudist swingers vacation.

Cap d’Agde for naturists & swingers – How it all began:

The Village Naturiste Cap d’Agde is probably unique in the world in its form. It is a small village of its own on the beach of Cap d’Agde and Europe’s largest swingers party paradise. Originally planned and founded in the late 1960s / early 1970s as a resort for nudists on the outskirts of Cap d’Agde, the autonomous nudist village now accommodates everyone and has risen to become a mecca for hedonists, free spirits, swingers and fetish-oriented people. This does not always go without friction between nudists and swingers. Even today, one can sense corresponding tensions.

Naked City – Bare as you dare

However, the absolute prerequisite remains that nudity must be tolerated. “Bare as you dare” is the motto because you can be naked on the beach as well as in a cafe or even in the supermarket. You meet there all variations and generations of people – but really all (families with children, couples, singles younger and older, slim and chubby, etc.). Access to the village is paid and behind the high wall at the entrance opens a world that you must have seen at least once in your life.

Special trip for first time visitors to Cap d’Agde

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Every year up to 40,000 people gather there during the high season of July/August. One of the claims of Cap d’Agde is the liberal lifestyle away from traditionalism: nudism, sex in all variations and swinging. Here you will meet many European swingers, but also more and more people from other continents You will find many parties in the swingers clubs and music bars, at the foam and pool parties, countless private parties, etc. because every year thousands of open-minded couples travel to Cap d’ Agde to celebrate their “swingers vacation” with other people in this huge complex, the Mecca for swingers Cap d’Agde.

Cap d’Agde Village Naturiste for naturists & swingers

The naturist village has its own (almost) complete infrastructure, from A (pharmacy) to Z (entren for medicine) everything is available. Starting from hotels (there are even apartment hotels only for couples, where you can enjoy everywhere – so also e.g. at the pool area – you can enjoy this sexual freedom and watch other people), cottages with their own garden, a large campsite, 4 shopping areas with boutiques & (sex) stores, hairdresser, supermarkets, bakeries and snack bars, post office, ATMs, laundry, restaurants, bars, discos, swingers clubs, saunas, areas for pool & foam party and a long beach with sun beds and beach bars, from simple to classy. The best thing to do is to get an overview right away Overview of the Village Naturiste [KLICK]

Cap d’Agde surroundings

Cap d’Agde itself is a beautiful resort with many recreational facilities and sporting opportunities such as diving, jet skiing, tennis, golf as well as a variety of bars & restaurants. Of course, there are also cinemas, a theater, concerts, discos and nightclubs. You can also find many traditional markets on the outskirts of the resort. You can also find some interesting facts on Wikipedia.


An overview of possible accommodations can be found here at Accommodation in Cap d’Agde It is also possible to book attractive apartments/studios, apartment hotels or hotels via

Arrival to Cap d’Agde

What is the best way to get to the naturist village Village Naturiste ?

Cap d’Agde is located in the south of France on the Mediterranean coast, between Béziers and Montpellier. From Béziers it is about 30 km and from Montpellier about 65 km to the Village Naturiste (which is only signposted from the entrance of Cap d’Agde when you reach the main road N112). The coordinates are: 43°17’49.6 “N 3°31’26.2 “E

By car

A9 freeway, exit “Agde” n° 34 (15 km on the R.N. 312 expressway), or
Freeway A75 through Clermont-Ferrand (R.N. 112, between Béziers and Sète).

We ask you to note: France has quite strict laws for drunk driving. The per mille limit is 0.5 mg/ml. So also there applies: Don’t drink and drive ! In France, too, the use of safety belts is mandatory, front and rear. There are quite a few speed cameras and the fines for speeding are high! Route generated on Google Maps with directions to Naturist Resort:

By plane

The nearest airports are the small Bezier airport, and the one in Montpellier. A little further away, Toulouse and Marseille are still a possibility. So the best options might be to fly to Montpellier and then rent a car. In addition, you are so mobile and you can also look at the region, or buy the necessary food cheaper in one of the large supermarkets. There are numerous car rental companies in Montpellier, but it is always best to book in advance. For long distances, it is the fastest and most convenient way to travel to your vacation destination and still be mobile throughout your vacation. Montpellier Méditeranée Airport (71 km).

Other airports

Airport Béziers-Agde-Vias (15 km) – From here the best/fastest way to the naturist village is by cab. There are also transfer offers that you can book in advance.

Another option is to fly to Girona or even Barcelona (from there, however, it’s another 3 hours or so by (rental) car). However, flights and rental cars are often cheaper than renting a car in France. By car it is 220 km from Girona to Agde, from Barcelona about 300 km.

By train

SNCF to Agde, Agde station

If you arrive by train at Agde station, you can take one of the buses outside the station that go directly to the naturist resort. You can also opt for a cab, they are located right at the exit of the station.

Other important info:

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