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Just a few hours away by plane, you can experience hot parties on the Balearic islands of Mallorca & Ibiza, combined with individual excursions and beautiful landscapes. The third week of July every year has become legendary on Mallorca – for the HnD party week, around 200 couples meet to live out their lifestyle. And that Ibiza has made a name for itself as a hotspot for the party scene, we probably don’t need to mention here…. So it’s no wonder that Mallorca & Ibiza are also the most popular Balearic Islands among erotic stylists.

Every year there are special organized Erolifestyle trips to Mallorca & Ibiza but also individually a visit to the two Balearic Islands is worthwhile, which we would like to introduce to you on the following pages (of course also in an erotic context).


Mallorca & Ibiza belong to the Spanish Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Especially Mallorca is known for its variety of resorts & beaches with protected bays as well as for the beautiful mountain range “Tramuntana” and picturesque city architectures incl. Remains from Roman and Moorish times. The capital Palma with its landmark cathedral offers a lively nightlife. Nature, sports, beaches, culture, tradition, gastronomy, shopping, stage art, villages with a very special charm, romantic corners for beautiful togetherness & entertaining leisure activities… there is much to discover, also in terms of nudism and eroticism.

Nudism & Erolifestyle in Mallorca

Actually, nudism is not allowed in Mallorca & Ibiza or in the whole Balearic Islands. Strictly speaking, it is even forbidden to bathe naked since 2014. If you are caught doing this, you could face a fine and a lot of trouble. On the other hand, nude bathing is becoming more and more popular, so that the Left Party, for example, wants to officially designate real nudist beaches. Because already now there are numerous places that are at least considered nudist-friendly and where hardly anyone is bothered by too much naked skin.

The Best tips for nudist beaches in Mallorca

When it comes to Erolifestyle/Swinging, the selection is much smaller, because the scenes on Mallorca & Ibiza are characterized by private parties on fincas or yacht excursions by invitation. No wonder, because if you are already on the island in nice weather, of course an open-air ambience in beautiful surroundings is sought rather than a club that you could also visit at home. The only nudist-swinger resort at the moment is the Ollymar country hotel which you can of course book through Erotravel. Real swingers clubs, as known from Germany, there are (worth mentioning) only 2 on the island. One is the Elixir de Fuego (under German management) in Can Pastilla / Playa de Palma and the Le Swing in Palma. Both clubs have an international crowd, mostly Mallorcans of course, as well as residents.

All this we present to you on this page to Swingerclubs & Swingerpartys on Mallorca in more detail.

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The world-renowned party island is especially known for the vibrant nightlife in Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni. Here, where the stars of the DJ scene cavort in the big mega discos in the summer. But on the island, in addition to lively places like the bustling Platja d’en Bossa with its many hotels, bars and stores, there are also tranquil villages, yoga centers and beaches. Finally, the establishment of the scene and the “freedom movement” began with the hippie times of the 1970s. All along the coast, behind pine-covered hills, there are quieter sandy bays, some of which also invite you to sunbathe and swim without any clothes on.

Ibiza nudism

Also in Ibiza there is one or the other possibility to sunbathe without a shirt. The most famous beach is certainly Es Cavallet, San José. It was the first beach in Ibiza to be awarded nudist and pioneer in all of Spain. Popular here is also the gay scene. Also at sections of the Aigües Blanques (Aguas Blancas), Santa Eulalia nudism is widespread. Furthermore, here you can take the mud baths known by insiders. By the way, this also works at Es Bol Nou, San José , popularly known as Sa Caleta. This beach is divided into several parts and in one area nudism is allowed. On another part you can find so-called mud, which many claim should be applied to the skin.

Also at the end of Ses Salines, San Jose (going towards the tower of Ses Portes), between Sa Canal and the other side of the beach, you can find small coves between the rocks where you can swim naked in the crystal clear water. On the right side of the beach of Cala Conta is Es Racó d’en Xic. A small cove very appreciated by nudists in Ibiza. The clarity of the water and the magnificent sunset that you can watch from there are the main features.

Furthermore, we should mention the tiny beach of Ses Dones – also known as Sa Cova de ses Dones – an urban yet very quiet stretch of beach in the center of Ibiza. However, you can reach it only after a long walk. It is also one of the gay-friendly bays on the island. Finally, we should mention Punta Galera Beach in San Antonio, where you can lie down on flat rock platforms to sunbathe. Here you can find both naked people and those in swimwear. Everyone is welcome.

Erolifestyle/Swing in Ibiza

As much as there is on offer in terms of beaches, mega parties and DJs, the offer in this area is weak. This may be due to the fact that the atmosphere is generally more relaxed, or that all attempts to establish swinger resorts or the like have failed to our knowledge: A real nudist hotel or a permissive resort does not exist. Only one swingers club is to be noted. Apart from that, sex positivity and erotic lifestyle takes place exclusively in private on the fincas. Or on organized trips.

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